From Oman we escaped to our summerhouse in Kerteminde in the middle of the winter. Two weeks after we arrived in the summerhouse the 3000 kg of freight arrived, somewhat complicated before the movers took it to Andorra!

The summerhouse we had bought in 1982 for some of the money we got from the sale of our house in Tune. The house was nice, but after much smell from the pig farm next to it and two burglaries (and not to mention the ferret on the loft) we sold it in 1992. Before that, however we had many memorable hours there, one of them was Tine and Mike’s wedding.


The summerhouse looks lovely in the sunshine. What can’t be seen is the pig farm next to it!


Text Box: Again we made a nice home out of what we had, we especially love the painting which we bought in Kerteminde.


Kerteminde is located on the shores of Storebält and has no less than three small harbors. The fishery harbor is seen below.



We had parties, one was Tine and Mike’s wedding. It was also hard work to keep the place in order.




In 1984 we bought an apartment in Andorra so we had a place of our own to move to if the Gulf exploded, as it could any day then. It was also foreseen to be our place of residence when we retire – and in 2002 it happened.


This is how it looked like when we first moved in, waiting for the movers to come with our furniture.


The view from our flat is spectacular. Right in front of us is the highest mountain top in Andorra, Coma Pedrosa 10.000 feet high.


Soon the former empty flat looked like this, not so bad!


The persons on the above pictures love Andorra, one not on the picture is a little more skeptical, guess who?


Andorra is beautiful in the summer


and fun in the winter.



Only one in the family had been to the highest top, in 2002 the Donahue branch made it as well!




Early in 1991 Ole was offered a job as instructor in Switzerland, to start on October 1st. This time we talked Swisscontrol, our new employer, into providing us with a furnished flat, so all we needed to move could be in our trusted red Mazda. Puk arrived in Berne a month after Ole and initially we lived in a small flat near the school. Soon Ole became Principal of the SFS, as the re-organized school was called, and we moved to a much nicer apartment.

We had five nice years in Berne and it was only with reluctance we accepted a new job in Germany in late 1996. At this time much of our staff had left the company and some of our very good friends had passed away.


Our first flat was small, but it had a very nice view!


Our second was in a brand new complex which Puk found in the outskirts of Berne.

With the company furniture we made a very nice luxurious dwelling as can be seen below.




Puk loved our balcony in the sun. However, a train passed close by every 10 minutes.



Switzerland is beautiful, here we see lake Thun.


We enjoy the ferry ride on lake Thun.



And drinking beer and reading on Bearen Platz in Berne.



Timm and Darcy preferred the wine district of Neuchatel.



Switzerland is also beautiful in the winter!


You can do the Ole skiing at St.Moritz or the Puk skiing at Lenk, both is enjoyable cross country.



Or Swiss skiing (after skiing) at an outside cafe.



The eating was good, especially when you made it yourself, like this fabulous sushi table. Maybe the eating was too good as can be seen on the guy to the right.


Ole turned 50 years and celebrated with friends. A year after it was Puk’s turn and she took it calmly.


In October 1996 it was “Auf Wiedersehen” Switzerland.

Ole was honored with a “Lifetime Rector” promotion by Swisscontrol and colleagues.


Surprisingly enough we ended up with transporting a new load of 3000 kg’s to Germany.


GERMANY 1996-2001


Then on November 1st 1996 we moved to Germany, to a small town called Langen 20 km’s south of Frankfurt. And there we were for five years. Ole worked for the DFS (Deutche Flugsicherung) and Puk was once more engaged in various international groups. She also found time for much patch-working and lately games on her computer.



We live in the posh quarter of the town in a very nice apartment. Ole’s boss Diener helped with the installation of lights in the empty flat.

We have arranged us with the furniture from Switzerland plus some more from Ikea. It looks pretty nice our flat.

The big attraction of our flat is the 20 m2 balcony with a view over Wiesbaden (and Frankfurt airport)


Puk is busy making patchwork, but the important thing is we still love each other.




Our families visit us a lot and that we appreciate.



And after all those years of travelling Puk still looks pretty!