Puk Borchgrevink-Lund Simony Nikolajsen

My family tree


A1     Bonaventura Borchgrevink/                      (f. ca.1540) (s.3)

A2     Melchior B./Magdalene Erichsen                 (f. ca. 1570)(s.3)

A3     Christian Melchiorsen B./

Anne Henriksdatter Sandersen                     (f.1610) (s.3)

A4     Henrik Christian B./2. Catharina Krag          (f.1643) (s.8/4)

H5     Leonhard Christian B./Magdalena Brun           (f.1698) (s.14/5/7)

M6     Johannes B./Anne Cathrine Flor                 (f.1748) (s.66/83)

A7     Leonhard Christian B./Johanna Bergmann Holsts(f.1778)(s.68/83)

B8     Theodor Bergmann B./Christine Kulberg          (f.1803) (s.70/99)

A9     Ole B./Ida Marie Lie                           (f.1828) (s.72/99)

C10    Hanna Bolette B./Adolf Elias Lund (f.1850)     (f.1858) (s.72/99)

B11    Roald Borchgrevink-Lund/

Alfhild Pauline Figenshou-Johannessen                  (f.1854) (s.100)

B12    Adolf Kristian B-L/Grethe Simony               (f.1913) (s.100)

A13    Inger Marianne B-L/Ole Nikolajsen              (f.1944) (s.100)

A14    Tine Borchgrevink Nikolajsen                   (f.1963) (s.100)

A15    Chantal Lene Borchgrevink Donahue              (f.1991)



A short  History


the Family

B o r c h g r e v i n k


One is often asked:

·      From where do the Borchgrevinks come  – where is the family cradle?

·      What does the name mean?

·      The answer is: We don't know.

·      But I shall try to set down what we know, and what we guess.


Bonaventura Borchgrevink was appointed Royal Master of Music (Hoffkapellmester) at the Court of King Frederik II of Denmark and Norway. He took up this position on January 1, 1587. He came from the court of Duke Adolph of Gottorp (Schleswig-Holstein – in Germany just South of Denmark) – a similar but much less prestigious appointment. He was relieved of his Danish court position July 1, 1587. Why he lost his position, we don't know. The rest of the information is documented in the court archives, particularly in the royal account books.

         With him came two sons, Melchior (A2) and Heinrich. Bonaveventura Borchgrevink is also reported, in passing by contemporary sources, to have had two daughters, apparently married in Germany  probably before he left for Copenhagen.

         Heinrich Borchgrevink  left Copenhagen with his father after the latter’s dismissal. He is mentioned as an itinerant musician at several of the lesser German courts. He got a place in the Gottorper Court Orchestra November 1, 1599, but probably lost it again as a result of the Duke's need to economise wherever possible. He is recorded at Lüneburg in 1613. However, family recorder Bjarne Borchgrevink has him taking up the position in Gottorp June 9, 1602.

         Bonaventura Borchgrevink is reported employed by Count Simon von Lippe in Detmold in 1593. In the same year he is reported to have moved to Dresden. He left Detmold after having become part of a legal dispute of some sort. In 1607 King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway appealed to the Count for a solution of the dispute, apparently something to do with a money settlement in connection with the death of Bonaventura Borchgrevink's wife in that year.

         Bonaventura Borchgrevink was reemployed at the Gottdorper Court in 1595. He died in the beginning of 1596. What he did between July 1, 1587 and 1593, and again from he left Detmold to his reemployment in Gottorp in 1595, we do not know. The passing reference to his widow appears in a footnote; we do not know her first name or her maiden name. Nor do we know anything more about Heinrich Borchgrevink. We do not know whether he was the eldest or youngest of Bonaventura Borchgrevink's  two sons.



Bonaventura Borchgrevink.

He came to the Court of Denmark and Norway January 1, 1587. Royal Master of Music or Head of the Royal Court Orchestra (Hoffkapellmester). Returned after half a year to Germany.

         He had two sons and two daughters. The son Melchior Borchgrevink  remained in the royal employ in Copenhagen, and after a time became Royal Master of  Music – his father’s position, but in a much larger music department under King Christian IV, the successor of Frederik II. He is designated as A2 – but could be a younger son B2 – in the notations system[1]. Traditionally, Melchior is regarded as the eldest  and the «father» of the Borchgrevink family in Norway and Denmark.




A2.      Melchior Borchgrevink.

Born 157? Died 1632. Royal Master of Music. High in favour of King Christian IV. Married to Magdalene who died sometime after 1640. In all probability daughter of August Erichsen, private secretary to the King, and Helvig.

Five children.


A3.      Christian Melchiorsen Borchgrevink.

Born November 9, 1628. Died 1650. Teacher,  clergyman, rector of Aabye parish, then Hornslet parish  in Denmark.


A4.      Henrik Christian Borchgrevink.

Born aprox. 1643. Died aprox. 1699. He went from Copenhagen via Christiania (Oslo) to Trondheim. Master of Music. Organist and cantor at the cathedral.


G5.      Leonard Christian Borchgrevink.

Born 1698. Died September 19, 1772 at the mining town of Røros. Director/manager of the copper mines.

He was born in Norway. We regard him as the founder of the Norwegian branch. Apparently, the Danish branch is extinct.




Leonard Christian Borchgrevink (G5)  had 14 children. Two of them are of interest here.

From his third child, Henrik Christian Borchgrevink (C6),  four branches grew that emigrated to the United States in different ways – two went even separately to Hawaii (in Norway then called the Sandwich Islands) and from there on to California.

            Branch C – descendants of C6's second child Frederik Borchgrevink B7;  and Branch I – descendants of C6's ninth child , Niels Dorph Borchgrevink (I7). From his 12th child Johannes Borchgrevink (M6),  a branch – Branch M – grew that went to North Norway and thence to Calumet, Michigan, and some of the Borchgrevinks there went to the West Coast. One of them married a girl from Branch C.

            This marriage confused my compilation. I trust that I now have got it right. I am setting out the branches C and M parallel to each other for better understanding. I go against the chronology and take up the tale with Branch I, as this branch do not interconnect with any of the other branches, that I know of. Then I set out parallel-wise the branches C and M, resume with the entries from Branch C and then with Branch M. Thus, the parallel set-up must be regarded as an interpolation in the running story in order to elucidate the intertwining of branches C and M.

            Branch C – Fredrik Borchgrevinks (B7)  brother Leonhard Christian Borchgrevink C7: A great granddaughter of his – Helga Rørholt H10 – married Anton Marius Lund. They emigrated to the United States where their descendants have grown roots in Maine.
            Some of the childeren of his grandson Leonard Christian Borchgrevink A8 emigrated to the
United States. Their decendants live today in North Dakota. They are included in this compilation as far as information permits.

            Fredrik Borchgrevink’s (B7) brother Otto Borchgrevink F7: Some of his decendants emigrated to the United States and today live in Wyoming and Montana. they are included here as far as information permits.

            Further on in the Branc C; Margrethe Borchgrevink A10, daughter of Einar Borchgrevink G9, went to Colorado and there married Harald Olaus Larsen, apparently a friend from her early years.

            Also, Henrik Christian Borchgrevink A10, son of Theodor Borchgrevink K9 – younger brother of the above mentinoned Einar Borchgrevink – went to New York in the 1920s, but returned to Norway.





Branch I

 I7.       Niels Dorph Borchgrevink. 

Born April 5, 1794 at Toten. Died April 19, 1883 in Christiania (Oslo).

Commissioned officer December 30, 1811. First lieutenant May 25, 1815, captain June 15, 1835, company commander May 6, 1840, major May 13, 1852, lieutenant-colonel May 26, 1855 – all commissions in the Second Brigade. Deputy commander 1858 of the Akershus castle and fortress (dominating Oslo). Retired April 6, 1867 with the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

            Knight of the  Order of St. Olav, knight of Dannebrog (Danish) and knight of the Order of the Sword (Swedish).

            Married in Ullensaker September 21, 1823 to Margrethe Munthe Leganger, born April 18, 1796, daughter of rural dean, honorary professor Christopher Munthe Leganger and Maren Mandahl.


D8.      Andreas Meyer Borchgrevink. (4th child).

Born May 2, 1832 in Christiania (Oslo). Died September 24, 1864 in Christiania.

Law degree 1854. Deputy district magistrate in  Ringerike 1857, appointed deputy city magistrate in Christiania 1864, but did not take up the position due to illness.

            Married March 3, 1859 to Amalie Marie Elisabeth Fougner, born May 6, 1834 in Halden, daughter of magistrate Gabriel Fougner and Anne Elisabeth Krohn.

She travelled in 1883 to her son Valdemar in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), went with him to Florida in 1886, returned to Christiania (Oslo) in 1898. She was alive in 1910.


A9.      Valdemar Borchgrevink.

Born November 19, 1859 in Hole, Ringerike. Died December 31, 1909 in Bærum after a long illness.

            After having been a businessman (?) in Christiania, he emigrated in 1881 to Hawaii where he had a sugar plantation for some years. 1886 to 1896 he was in Florida where he had a fruit plantation near Pensacola. After this was destroyed by a tornado, he returned to Norway. Here he was employed as an office manager.

            Married February 25, 1893 in Pensacola to Mina Johansen Ørmen, born December 18, 1871 in Onsø, Norway. Daughter of Johan Paulsen Ørmen and Mina Anonsen. After her husband's death, she returned with her children to Pensacola in 1910.


A10.    Arthur Borchgrevink.

Born May 26, 1894 in Florida. Died January 11, 1964.

Married to Anne Egan, born July 16,? Died January 17, 1942.


A11.    Harold A. Borchgrevink.

Born June 9, 1922 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Married to Jackie Moyse, born February 9, 1923.


A12.    Annamarie Borchgrevink. 


Married to Tom DiPlacido.


A13.    Jackie Borchgrevink DiPlacido.



B12.    Karen Borchgrevink.


Married to Dr. Mike Gibbs.


A13.    Michelle Borchgrevink Gibbs.



B13.    Jennifer Borchgrevink Gibbs.



C13.    Bonnie Borchgrevink Gibbs.



C12.    Harold Borchgrevink jr.


            Married to Sandra.


A13.    Alison Borchgrevink.



B13.    David Borchgrevink.

            Born ?


C13.    Jack Borchgrevink.


            Married to Susan.


A14.    Geoffrey Borchgrevink.



B14.    Kevin Borchgrevink.


B10.    Margrethe Borchgrevink.

            Born February 16, 1899 in Christiania (Oslo).


C10.    Karen Agathe Borchgrevink.

            Born August 15, 1900 in Christiania (Oslo).


D10.    Valdemar Borchgrevink.

            Born January 25, 1902 in Christiania (Oslo).


B9.      Sophie Borchgrevink.

Born July 18, 1861 in Ringerike.

She went to Hawaii in 1883 together with her mother Amalie Marie Elisabeth (Se D8 above).

Married in Hawaii November 20, 1884 to Anton Knut Christopher Faye, born august 8, 1859. Son of rural dean Andreas Faye i Sande and Octavia Knudsen. He went in 1886 to Florida where he started with fruit farming. He died here May 2, 1897. The widow returned to Christiania (Oslo) in 1898.


A10.    Andreas Faye.

Born May 13, 1887 in Florida.

Civil engineer from Bergen polytechnic.


B10.    Agnes Faye.

            Born March 18, 1891 in Florida.





Branches C and M (parallell)      

(Not indexed)


C6. (Third child)                                                      M6. (12th child)

Henrik Christian                                           Johannes

Borchgrevink.                                                Borchgrevink.

Born October 10,                                             Born September 21, 1748

1732 in Røros.                                                  in Røros.

Died November 4, 1807.                                 Died April 7, 1824 in Røros.

Rural dean in Toten.                                       Mining engineer.                                               



B7. (Second child)                                          A7. (First child) 

Fredrik Borchgrevink.                                 Leonhard Christian  

Born April 11, 1776                                         Borchgrevink.

in Copenhagen. Died                                      Born July 27, 1788

February 25, 1839.                                           in Røros.

Landowner –                                                    Mining engineer,

Storhamar estate.                                            verger and

 (younger brother                                            accountant

I7 N.D.B).                                                          Røros copper mines.


A8. (First child)                                        A8. (First child)

Henrik Christian                                           Henning Flor  

Borchgrevink.                                                Borchgrevink.

Born June 30, 1811                                          Born October 8,

in Vang. Died  1879.                                  1801 in Røros. Died

Verger and teacher                                          in Røros August 17,

in Sande.                                                           1873.

                                                                           Miner and leading  

                                                                           singer in the

                                                                           Røros church.        


G9. (Seventh child)                                  A 9. (First child)

Gregers Lundh                                               Faste Borchgrevink

Borchgrevink.                                                Born January 16,   

Born June 14, 1860                                          1827 in Røros. Died?

in Sande. Died ? 1933                                     Went to Alta in

in Riverside,  California.                                 North Norway in 1849.

Studied theology,                                      Mining engineer at

but joined his elder                                                         Alta copper mines in

brother Johan Carl                                          1860, at Kvænangen                               

Alfred in the then                                                           mines, and from around

Sandwich Islands                                            1872 at Berg nickel

– today Hawaii.                                               works.

Moved 1903 to                                                Married June 10,

Riverside,                                                   1860 in Bosekop to

California.                                                  Lucie Kokvold.

Orange farmer.                                          daughter of Hans

Married March 23,                                          Kokvold and Olava

1887 to Anna Ragnhild                            Cathrine Olsdatter

Egede Mehlum, sister                                     Reimertz, both from

of his brother's wife.                                                       Røros.


A10. (First child)                                     A10. (First child)

Egede Mehlum.                                               Hans Henrik

Borchgrevink.                                                Borchgrevink.

Born January 22,                                             Born May 19, 1857

1890 in Kekala, Kuai,                                      in Kaafjord.

Hawaii.  Dead.                                                  Married to Abelone 

Married January 22,                                        Jensine Olsen, born

to Donra Dahl.                                                 September 30, 1857.


B10. (Second child                                         E11. (Fifth child)

sister of above A10)                                       Faste/Foster

Astrid Borchgrevink.                                    Borchgrevink.

Born January 7, 1893                                      Born 1887 in Norway.

in Honolulu, Hawaii.                                       Died ? 1969 in ? in 

Married in Riverside,                                                      U.S.A.

California, June 24,                                          Married in         

1916 to Foster                                                  Riverside, California,

Borchgrevink (E11)                                       June 24, 1916 to 





Branch C



C6.      Henrik Christian Borchgrevink.

Born October 10, 1732 in Røros. Died November 11, 1807 in Toten.

Student 1751. Degree in theology (candidatus theologiae) in 1753.  (It must be noted that in the then United kingdoms of Norway and Denmark, the only university was i Copenhagen. Norway had to wait until 1811 for a national university).

Appointed to rector of the parish of Roholte in Denmark 1770, appointed to resident curate at Holmen church in Copenhagen (One of that city’s great churches) in 1773, head curate 1778. Appointed 1782 rector of Toten in Norway and in 1786 appointed rural dean of larger Toten..

Married 1) in 1771 in Roholte to Barbara Lemvigh, born December 12, 1754 in Store Hedinge, Denmark, and died February 2, 1788 in Copenhagen. Daughter of Commissioner of public sales, Frederik Caspersen Lemvigh and Christine Otzen.

Married 2) November 15, 1790 in Sørum, Norway, to Sophie Cathrine Mandahl, born December 19, 1765, died September 6, 1841 in Christiania (Oslo).  Daughter of rector Fredrik Grüner Mandahl and Karen Magdalene Dorph. She married for a second time major-general Knud Andreas Gyldenstierne Meyer.


A7.      Magdalene Borchgrevink.

Born March 18, 1775 in Copenhagen. Died June 21, 1848 in Christiania (Oslo).

Married to chief custom officer (toldkontrollor) Niels Nielsen Leuch.

No known issue.


B7.      Fredrik Borchgrevink.

Born April 11, 1776 in Copenhagen. Died February 26, 1839 at Storhamar.

He became a student, but left his studies and bought Storhamar estate near Hamar for 14,500 rix-thalers – a very large sum of money at that time. (His father had inherited a good deal of money from his unmarried sister Catharina.)  He sold Storhamar 1831 to his stepfather, major-general Gyldenstierne Meyer.

Married September 9, 1810 in Vardal to Barbara Margrethe Lundh, died November 16, 1819. Daughter of rector Peter Lundh and Anna Marie Fougner.


A8.      Henrik Christian Borchgrevink.

Born June 30, 1811 in Vang. Died February, 25, 1879 in Sande.

Student 1832. Degree in theology 1837. Verger (sexton) in Hof in Solør, later teacher and parish clerk in Sande. He is described as exceptionally well regarded.

Married 1) in Ullensaker June, 26, 1843 to Caroline Fredrikke Asche, born January 1, 1817 in Ullensaker, died November 22, 1848 in Hof. Daughter of lieutenant Thomas Asche and Johanne Schou.

Married 2) in Vang December 31, 1850 to Nette Johanne Regine Moltzau, born October 17, 1817 in Vang. Daughter of Nils Brønlund Block Moltzau og Louise Ramm. She moved after her husband's death to Otterstad in Stange where she died September 30, 1887.


A9.      Barbara Johanne Marie Borchgrevink.

            Born 1844, died 1848.


B9.      Thomas Fredrik Borchgrevink.

            Died 1848.


C9.      Johan Carl Alfred Borchgrevink.

            Born 1848, died 1857.


D9.      Barbara Caroline Fredrikke Louise Borchgrevink.

Born November 4, 1851 in Hof in Solør, died ?

After her father's death, she moved with her mother to Otterstad in Stange. She inherited her mother's property and sold it in 1895. Then she then went to her brother Johan Carl Alfred Borchgrevink F9 in Los Angeles. After his death, she went to her brother Gregers Lundh Borchgrevink G9 in Hawaii. She managed a hospital in Waimea, but in 1901 her health forced her to retire. She lived partly in San Francisco and partly in Riverside. Unmarried.


E9.       Thomas Fredrik Borchgrevink.

Born February 2, 1856 in Sande.

Attended Copenhagen Mercantile Academy, and became merchant in Drammen. In 1889 he went to California where had several positions. He was last domiciled in San Francisco and employed as foreman in The Hawaii Fertilizer Co., a position he had when he died suddenly July 16, 1910.

Married in Drammen April 11, 1887 to Maren Erika Østgaard. Born December 11, 1863. Died ? Daughter of goldsmith Morten Østgaard and Karen Sophie Josefine Nyquist.


A10.    Florence Regine Sophie Borchgrevink.

Born May 9, 1890 (where, in California?). Died (when, where?)

Married 1910 to Erik Ronan.


B10.    Ragna Borchgrevink.

Born August 30, 1893 in California. Died in Santa Clara, California July 4, 1983.

Married in San Francisco January 1, 1916 to Austin Mortimore.


A11.    Donald Mortimore.

Born November 7, 1916 in San Francisco.

Married Margaret Schyberg, born in Canada, September 5, 1918. Died October 24, 1991.


A12.    William Carl Mortimore.

            Born July 9, 1952 in California.

            Married to Sue Simonsen, born March 2, 1952.


A13.    Tyler Carl Mortimore.

            Born in California, March 23, 1991.


B11.    Merle Mortimore.

            Born September 23, 1922 in San Francisco.

            Married October 24, 1946 to Bertram Landolt.


A12.    Stephen Landolt.

            Born September 5, 1950 in California.

            Married to Ann Aiken, born ? in Oregon.


A13.    Andrew J. Landolt.



C11.    William Mortimore.

            Born June 16, 1928 in California.

Married 1) to Joan Orr, born March 15, 1931 (?).   Married 2) August 28, 1956 to Charlene Wilson Turner.)


A12.    Gary Mortimore.

Born September 24, 1949 in California.

Married to Marlene Castro, born August 19, 1942 in California.


A13.    Willie Mortimore.

            Born January 20, 1972 in California.


B13.    Nicole Mortimore.


B12.    Karen Mortimore.

            Born February 17, 1951 in California.

            Married to Sam Brown, born March 19, 1938 in California.


A13.    Megan Brown.

            Born September 27, 1985 in California.


B13.    Samatha Brown.

            Born Mary 19, 1988 in California.


C10.    Carl Borchgrevink. 

            Born April 4, 1898 where?. Died when?, where?


F9.       Johan Carl Alfred Borchgrevink.

Born June 8, 1859 in Sande. Died January 25, 1896 in Los Angeles.

Attended Copenhagen Mercantile Academy. Went to Hawaii in February 1880 together with Jacob Faye and Johan Aasnes. He became a merchant in Kekalea on Kauai. In 1893 he went to Riverside, California, where he had an orange farm. He moved to Los Angeles where he had a grocery-shop.

Married August 20, 1890 in Hawaii to Pauline Mehlum. Daughter of Halvor Mehlum, Hamar, and Gjertrud Egedes Minde Ørbech. No known issue.


G9.      Gregers Lundh Borchgrevink. 

Born June 14, 1860 in Sande. Died in San Diego, California in 1933.
Student 1881, university entrance examination 1882. He studied theology for several years, but in the Spring of 1887 he went, as his brother did, to Hawaii. At first he worked in his brothers business in Kauai, but started together with his brother-in-law C. B. Hofgaard a business in Waimea, Kauai. He gave this up in 1903 and moved to Riverside, California, where he had an orange farm. He moved to San Diego in 1915.

Married March 3, 1887 to Anna Ragnhild Egede Mehlum. Sister of above mentioned Pauline Mehlum – his brother's wife.


A10.    Rolf Egede Mehlum Borchgrevink.

Born January 22, 1890 in Kekalea, Kauai, Hawaii. Died 1964.

Married January 22, 1913 to Donra Dahl. Died 1974.


B10.    Astrid Borchgrevink.

Born January 7, 1893 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Married in Riverside, California, June 24, 1916 to Foster Borchgrevink (E11 line M).     


C10.    Margit Ørbech Borchgrevink.

Born August 24, 1894 in Mana, Hawaii. Died at Oaku, Hawaii, September 18, 1979.

Married November 29, 1917 in Riverside, California, to Wilson Phillips Cannon. He died in Oaku, Hawaii in April, 1972.



A11.    Wilson Phillips Cannon jr.

Born August 25, 1919 in Berkeley, California. Died July 1980.

Married June 13, 1943 to Barbara Jane Hughes, born August 20, 1921 in Palo Alto, California.


 A12.   Peter Wilson Cannon.

Born October 13, 1946 in Maui, Hawaii.

Married June 6, 1977  in Maui, Hawaii. to Claudia Walters, born December 4, 1949 in Fresno, California.


A13.    Wilson Phillips Cannon III.

            Born November 28, 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii.


B13.    Randall Hughes Cannon.

            Born December 30, 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii.


B12.    Thomas Robert Cannon.

Born July 16, 1949 in Maui, Hawaii.

Married March 24, 1984 to Agnes Greig, born November 23, 1955 in Fiji.


A13.    Barbara Alisi Margit Cannon.

            Born November 27, 1989 in Maui, Hawaii.


C12.    Patricia Lyn Cannon.

            Born December 12, 1953 in Maui, Hawaii

Married August 16, 1975 to Steven Mazingo, born June 6, 1951 in California.


A13.    Travis Andrew Mazingo.

            Born June 6, 1979 in Maui, Hawaii.


B13.    Evan Wayne Mazingo.



B11.    Jacquelyn Cannon. 

Born January 20, 1926 in Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii.

Married in Riverside, California June 29, 1946 to William H. Bonnett jr., born in Riverside, California, May 3, 1924.


A12.    William H. Bonnett III.

            Born July 7, 1947 in Riverside, California.

            Married May 20, 1977 in Riverside to Judith Ann Le Vose,       born November 22, 1952.


A13.    William H. Bonnett IV.

            Born April 3, 1979.


B13.    Christian Maurice Bonnett (twin).

            Born September 16, 1981.


B13.    Brian Howard Bonnett (twin) 

            Born September 16, 1981.


C13.    Gregory Wilson Bonnett.

            Born March 3, 1984.


B12.    Mark Cannon Bonnett.

Born March 20, 1950 in Riverside, California.

Married 1) April 6, 1974 to Cheri Lyn Maloney. Divorced in November 1987.

Married 2) June 23, 1990 to Karlene Brandenburg Weatherway, born August 7, 1949.



A13.    Janie Louise Bonnett.

            Born June 14, 1979 in Placerville, California.


B13.    Brenden Keith Bonnett.

             28, 1981 in Porterville, California.


C13.    Bradley Phillip Bonnett.

            Born October 4, 1983 in Porterville, California.


D13.    Jell Weatherway Bailey (stepdaughter).

            Born September 10, 1968.

            Married November 13, 1990 to Shane Bailey.


C12.    Robert Moulton Bonnett.

Born March 3, 1955 in Riverside, California.

Married in Riverside December 28, 1985 to Lesley Pulham, born September 7, 1958 in Riverside.


A13.    Kenneth Robert Bonnett.

            Born June 5, 1988 in Riverside, California.


B13.    Jeffrey Michael Bonnett.

            Born March 25, 1991 in Riverside, California.


C7.      Leonhard Christian Borchgrevink.

Born January 1776 in Copenhagen. Died November 9, 1847 in Vang. Captain of dragoons, farmer.

Married April 18, 1827 to Laurentze Olsen.


A8.      Henrik Christian Borchgrevink.

Born September 9, 1822 in Vang. Died February 24, 1893 in Hamar.

Merchant, then postmaster in Hamar.

Married November 27, 1851 to Kirstine Gjestvang.


A9.      Leonhard Christian Borchgrevink.

Born October 10, 1852.

Sailor. Domiciled (1911) in Boston, USA.

Married to Marthe Chaffee.

No children.


B9.      Anna Marie Laurentze Borchgrevink.

Born April 4, 1854. Died 1916.

Married to Arnold A. Rørholt.

[She is this writer’s maternal grandmother. Her daughter Bera married her 3rd cousin Henrik Christian Borchgrevink. That is why she is in this part of the story.]


B8.      Arnold Fredrik Borchgrevink.

Born April 4, 1830 in Vang. Died August 11, 1910 in Nes.

Farmer in Nes and assistant at the Freshwater fisheries.

Married August 17, 1864 in Nes to Agnethe Christiansdatter Myhre, born January 6, 1836 in Nes.


A9.      Leonhard Christian Borchgrevink.

Born January 22, 1864 in Nes. Died April 10. 1907 in Gjøvik.

Hotel-proprietor in Gjøvik.

Married in Ringsaker September 15, 1900 to Randine Vangshoel, born September 15, 1867 in Ringsaker, daughter of Even Vangshoel and Marie Guldskjæggerud.


A10.    Fredrik Borchgrevink.

Born January 22, 1892 in Nes. Died in Adams, North Dakota in 1956.

Went to the United States at the age of 15. Lumberman, railroadworker, farmer in Montana , then in North Dakota.

Married om Park River, North Dakota on January 12, 1912 to Inga Nyseth, born in Norway May 31, 1889, niese of of Carl Johnsen who brought her to USA. She died in 1964.


A11. Leonard Christian Borchgrevink (twin).

Born in Montana April 10, 1917. Died in Adams, North Dakota in 1956.

Married to Wanda.


A-D11. Three girls and a boy.


A11     Lillian Christine Borchgrevink (twin).

Born in Montana April 10, 1917.

Married to Gwen Vigen.


A-B12. Nils Vigen and a daughter.


B10.    Even Borchgrevink.

Born July 28, 1893 in Veldre.

Went to the United States and took the name of Ed Brown.


No children.


C10.    Marius Borchgrevink.

Born January 25, 1897 in Veldre.

Went to the United States and took the name of Burke.



A-B11. 2 daughters.

One killed in an autombile accident.


D10.    Arne Borchgrevink.

Born June 25, 1904 in Gjøvik. Died December 10, 1904.


E10     Alf Borchgrevink.

Born October 26, 1905 in Gjøvik.


F10     Leonharda Randine Borchgrevink.

Born April 10, 1907 in Gjøvik.

Went to the United States. Returned to Norway.

Married 1) an Italien. Marriage dissolved.

Married 2) Pederson.


A12.    A boy.

In the 1st marriage.


B9.      Marius Lauritz Borchgrevink.

Born August 8, 1866 in Nes. Died in Oslo January 15, 1941.



C9.      Arnold Fredrik Borchgrevink.

Born March 6, 1869 in Nes. Died in New York primo January 1949.

Trained as a wathcmaker and after several years of travel abroad, established himself in New York.

Married in London April 17, 1909 to Gunda Randem (died 1958) .


A10.    Astrid Sofie Borchgrevink.

Born in New York  October 1, 1910. Died 1985.

            Married to William Pulver.

A11.    Boy

 lives at Long Island, NY


B11.    Boy

            Lives at Bonita, CA


C11.    Girl

            Lives at San Francisco, CA


B10.    Arnold Fredrik Borchgrevink

Born March 7, 1912 in New York. Married to Jeanne ...(died 1994) May 4, 1936. No children


D9.      Axel Henrik Borchgrevink.

Born August 16, 1870 in Nes. Died August 5, 1958

Assistant at the Freshwater fisheries. After his fathers death he took over his fathers property in Nes.

Married in Christiania/Oslo April 24, 1910 to Elise Simensdatter Rognlie.


A10.    Arnold Fredrik Borchgrevink.

Born March 11, 1911. Died January 19, 1981.

Married in 1932 to Ingeborg Sveheim Elverum.


A11.    Anna Eva Borchgrevink.

Born May 5, 1934 in Nes.

Married in 1959 to Reider Eriksrud, born June 25. 1926 in Stavsjø.


 B11.   Henrik Borchgrevink.

Born December 1, 1939 in Nes.

Married to Gerd Martinsen.


A12.    Vidar Borchgrevink.

Born in Stavsjø March 13, 1960.


B12.    Kjell Borchgrevink.

Born in Stavsjø March 7, 1964.    


C11.    Arne Borchgrevink.

Born in Nes October 5, 1946.

Married in 1970 to Anne Grethe Lilleengen.


A12.    Hege Borchgrevink.

Born in Stavsjø November 25, 1973.


B12.    Kjetil Borchgrevink.

Born in Stavsjø December 25, 1973.


E9.       Carl Lemvigh Borchgrevink.

Born December 29, 1873 in Nes. Died July 19, 1958.


F9.       Albert Kristoffer Borchgrevink.

Born March 3, 1878 in Nes. Died in Nes May 3. 1977.


G9.      Laura Borchgrevink.

Born August 7, 1878 in Nes. Died in Oslo Ictober 28, 1962.


C8.      Barbara Borchgrevink.

Born May 2, 1832 in Vang. Died the same day.


D8.      Barbara Ingeborg Magdalena Petra Ottillie Borchgrevink.

Born October 18, 1833 in Vang. Died in Christiania/Oslo August 19, 1893.

Married to bookshop-owner Hans Arveschoug Samuelsen.


C9.      Albert Fredrik Samuelsen.

Born May 17, 1861. [Third child of the above]. Operasinger. He assumed the name of Arveschoug. He probably died in New York. Albert Arveschoug is reported to have been a rather celebrated singer in New York in his time.

Married to Fanny Walfrid Pohl. She died in New York in July 1893.    

Two children.


D7.      Elisabeth Christine Borchgrevink.

Born May 22, 1780 in Copenhagen. Died in August the same year and buried August 21.


E7.       Hans Peter Borchgrevink.

Born October 19, 1781 in Copenhagen. Died April 17, 1864 in Gjøvik.

Theologican, rektor and rural dean in Toten and Vardal.

Married August 21, 1810 in Gausdal to Anne Cathrine Thaulow, born November 26, 1787 in Moss, died November 15, 1871 in Nes, Hedmark.


A8.      Henrik Christian Borchgrevink.

[Here I skip all Henrik Christians decendants, which includes me, and take up the tale with F7, brother to E7, Hans Peter Borchgrevink.]


F7.       Otto Borchgrevink.

Born July 17, 1784 in Toten. Died in Biri June 14, 1824.

Theologican, rector of Biri.

Married September 19, 1810 in Vardal to Johanne Marie Müller, børn in Copenhagen February 10, 1790, died in Christiania September 23, 1853.


A8       Barbara Wilhelmine Borchgrevink.

Born July 5, 1811 in Toten. Died November 3, 1884 in Christiania.

Married October 10, 1836 in Christiania to Anton Wilhelm Manthey, born May 30, 1807 in Stavanger. Officer, lawyer and Supreme Court judge.

Two daughters.


B8.      Henrik Christian Borchgrevink.

Born July 31, 1812 in Toten. Died November 14, 1884 in Christinia.

Lawyer, civil servant in the Department of Finance, then banker and director of pension funds.

Married 1) May 5, 1844 to Henriette Louise Krohg, born July 7, 1821, died January 3, 1850, daughter of adjutant general Johan Bernt Krohg and Maria Meincke.

Married 2) September 29, 1852 to Hanna Sophie Schmidt, born June 1, 1820 in Kristiansand, died December 27, 1857. Daughther of minister (member of the government) Olaf Michael Schmidt and Sophie Magdalena Carité Sommerfeldt.

Married 3) May 20, 1859 to Ida Camilla Schmidt, born May 6, 1829, died October 23, 1861, sister of his second wife.

Married 4) February 13, 1864 to Annie Egeberg, born Ridley, widow of landowner Carsten Tank Egeberg, born August 19, 1832 in Bury St. Edmund in England, daughter of Samuel Ridley and Elizabeth Ranson.


A9.      Otto Borchgrevink.

Born February 4, 1845 in Christiania.

Began to study medicin, but due to illness was advised to seek fresh air and an outdor life. He bought in 1867 the farms Bjerke, Kjølstad and Nordby in Enebakk southeast of Christiania. He sold these properties in 1893 and was appointed government adviser on agriculture and horse breeding in the southeastern aea of Norway.

Married 1) August 29 1869 in Christiania to Sara Susan Ridley, born January 29, 1845, died on Bjerke farm May 6, 1871, sister of this father’s fourth wife.

Married 2) May 21, 1879 to Caroline Bornholt, born June 25, 1856 in Christiania, daughter of merchant Gustav Peter Bornholt.


A10.    Henrik Ridley Borchgrevink.

Born March 3, 1871. Died i Broadus, Montana, January 1, 1951.

Norway’s  Agricultural University at Ås in 1892 and in the fall this year became mananger of the Tomb estate. Emigrated in 1902 to the United States. and became manager of Bratrud’s farm i Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Then he became farmer in Wyoming [the Register of 1911].

He settled at Hartford out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Later he moved to Lightening Flat, Wyoming, then to Ridge, Montana, and then settled in Broadus, Montana [letter from Marvin B. of May 15, 1996].

Married in Christiana February 22, 1897 to Agnes Margrethe Knudsen, born  January 18, 1876.


A11.    Susan Ridley Borchgrevink.

Born November 24, 1989 in Sem, Jarlsberg. Died Broadus, Montana, December 14, 1990.

Married December 12, 1925 to Alex Denson, born January 18, 1895, died in 1995.


A12.    Ross Ridley Denson.

Born March 20,1928.

Married February 1, 1947 to med Faye Haugh, born October 11, 1930.


A13.    Douglas Ross Denson.

Born October 8,1947.

Married December 19, 970 to Janice Mary Menghini, born May 26, 1948.


A14.    Abby Shea Denson.

Born July 21, 1982 [adopted].


B13.    Barbara Ann Denson.

Born October 17, 949.

Married Jyly 19,1980 to Thomas Paul Holzer, born May 12, 1949.


A14.    Matthew Ridley Holzer.

Born May 9, 1981.


B14.    Eric Thomas Holzer.

Born April 11, 1984.


C13.    Robert Dennis «Buckshot» Denson.

Born March 20, 1955.

Married October 17, 1981 to Diane x x x x, born November 9, 1954.


A14.    Cary Hope Dunning.

Born January 25, 1974 [stepson].


B14.    Scott Dale Dunning.

Born October 14, 1975 [stepson].


B12.    Daniel Alex Denson.

Born June 19, 1929.

Married March 31, 1952 to Barbara Jean Schmidt, born December 31, 1934.


A13.    Debra Kay Denson.

Born October 6, 1952. died October 28, 1959.


B13.    Michael James Denson.

Born January 9, 1954.

Married August 21, 1982 to Lynell Elaine Howard, born June 29, 1957.


A14.    Devin Lee Denson.

Born August 11, 1992 [adopted].


C13.    Judy Ann Denson.

Born October 4, 1957.

Married to Tony Louis Keller.


A14.    Dawn Marie Keller.

Born January 26, 1986.


B14.    Belinda Joyce Keller.

            Born October 21, 1986.


C12.    Alexander «Lex» Denson.

Born December 1, 1933.

Married December 30, 1953 to Pearl May Opalka, born May 27, 1933.


A13.    Susan Kay Denson.

Born May 17, 1956.

Married 1) May 22, 1976 to Timothy Lee Thomas. Marriage dissolved..

Married 2) in 1992.


A14.    Jason Thomas.

Born December 17, 1978.


B14.    Jayme Sue Thomas.

            Born May 25, 1980.


B13.    Jill Marie Denson.

Born May 1, 1961.

Married 1) October 12, 1979 to John Charles Trusler. Marriage dissolved.

Married 2) to N.N. Bowman. Marriage dissolved.


A14.    Jennifer Trusler.

            Born May 20, 1981.


B14.    Paul Alexander Bowman.

            Born November 7, 1990.


B11.    Hans Christian Borchgrevink.

Born in Sem, Jarlsberg March 7, 1900. Died in  Montana/Wyoming April 8, 1985.  

Married July 18, 1924 to Lucille Tincom, born July 26, 1906, died August 22, 1960.


A12.    Lois Jean Borchgrevink.

Born August 29, 1926.

Married December 9, 1944 to Dean Bucher, born March 4, 1923.


A13.    Dennis Reed Bucher.

Born September 23, 1947.

Married to Betneita Hall, born January 12, 1946.


A14.    Ryan D. Bucher.

            Born April 6, 1969.


A15.    Cade Colvin Bucher[2].


B14.    Jason Reed Bucher.

            Born June 20, 1972.


C14.    Shana Leigh Bucher.

            Born May 24, 1972.


B13.    Wessley Alan Bucher.

Born July 13, 1952.

Married to Virginia Foster, born September 4, 1950.


A14.    Ilsa Ann Burher.

            Born August 30, 1981.


B14.    Ivan Dean Bucher.

            Born January 26, 1985.


C13.    Kyala Rae Bucher.

Born November 28,1950.

Married to Jack Kindsfater, born February 19, 1952.


A14.    Camille Jean Kindsfater.

Born October 24, 1972

Married to Jess Smith.


B14.    Eric John Kindsfater.

            Born July 22, 1974.


C14.    Amy Lynn Kindsfater.

            Born July 20, 1977.


D13.    Lyndon Dean Bucher.

            Born September 21, 1958

Married to Heidi Jones, born April 30,1962.


A14.    Kaysha Dawn Bucher.

Born April 9, 1986.


B14.    Hannah Jean Bucher.

            Born October 18, 1988.


E13.    Marie Ann Bucher.

Born October 31, 1960.

Married to Robert Hettich, born October 14, 19??


A14.    Rachel Elaine Hettich.

            Born December 3, 1985.


B14.    Sarah Jean Hettich.

            Born April 19, 1988.


B12.    Marvin Eugene «Bill» Borchgrevink.

Born October 7, 1928.

Married September 26, to Donna Griffis, born June 16, 1933..


A13.    Randy Wayne Borchgrevink.

Born April 17, 1954.

Married April 1, 1974 to Wendy Bryn, born April 17, 1953.


A14.    Mathew Bryn Borchgrevink.

            Born May 30, 1981.


B13.    Larry Dee Borchgrevink.

Born May 5, 1957.

Married January 7, 1979 to Cindy Clear, born February 17, 1958.


A14.    Jason Hanson Borchgrevink.

Born December 21, 1981.


B14.    Erin Marie Borchgrevink.

            Born May 9, 1984.


C13.    Billy Joe Borchgrevink.

            Born February 3, 1956. Died in a car crash August 17, 1971.


D13.    Mary Ann Borchgrevink.

Born August 16, 1958.

Married June 19, 1976 to Gary Gribb, born May 23, 1954.


A14.    Theresa Lynn Gribb.

            Born August 2, 1977.


B14.    Michelle Ann Gribb.

            Born May 28, 1978.


C14.    Travis Vernan Gribb.

            Born April 4, 1983.


D14.    William Cody Gribb.

            Born August 8, 1989.


E13.    Kelly Ray Borchgrevink.

Born August 29, 1960

Married May 5, 1990 to Connie Haney, born August 10, 1962.


A14.    Kari Jo Borchgrevink.

            Born August 10, 1993.


C12.    Richard «Dicky» Borchgrevink.

            Born in 1933. Died in an airplane accident in 1952.


D12.    Norma Elaine Borchgrevink.

Born October 1936.

Married December 29, 1952 to Leslie Waugh, born July 9, 1929.


A13.    Sammy Wade Waugh.

Born November 14, 1953.

Married December 29, 1972 to Sally Clark, born March 25, 1953.


A14.    Shane Allen Waugh.

            Born May 10, 1977.


B14.    Dustin Wade Waugh.

            Born May 4, 1983.


B13.    Becky Sue Waugh.

Born December 14, 1956.

Married September 10, 1980 med Keith Fowler, born April 5, 1956.


A14.    Carrie Lynn Fowler.

            Born February 23, 1983.


B14.    Daniel James Fowler.

            Born January 16, 1985.


C13.    Scott Wayne Waugh.

Born October 26, 1962.

Married June 16, 1981 to Houghton, born December 28. 1962.


A14.    Tanya Marie Waugh.

            Born September 13, 1982.


B14.    Shayla Rewee Waugh.

            Born April 23, 1985.


E12.    Sharon Sheri Borchgrevink.

Born July 3, 1944.

Married June 26, 1964 to Clayton Jordan, born November 28, 1931.


A13.    Steven Brent Jordan.

Born June 8, 1962.

Married July 10, 1981 to Roxanna Hook, born August 21, 1963.


A14.    Steven Wayne Jordan.

            Born August 8,1982.


B14.    Hanson Christian Jordan.

            Born May 21, 1985.


B13.    Susan Yvone Jordan.

Born April 25, 1965.

Married May 10, 1989 to Mark Waltee, born June 14, 1961.


A14.    Jordan David Waltee.

            Born November 4, 1990.


B14.    Jasmine Rose Waltee.

            Born March 5, 1992.


C14.    Jacob Mark Waltee.

            Born July 23, 1993.


C13.    Kristal Elaine Jordan.

Born June 16, 1966.

            Married October 9, 1994 to Steve Frank.


D13.    Brain Eugene Jordan.

            Born February 23, 1971.


E13.    Joni Lynn Jordan.

Born January 27, 1972.

Married June 26, 1992 to Albert «Chip» Neiman, born October 6, 1966.


A14-   Haley Lynn Neiman.

            Born may 15, 1993.


C11.    Otto Borchgrevink.

Born in Østre Aker (just west of Christiania, today part of Oslo) April 13, 1902. Died October 26, 1982 in Wyoming.

Married 1) September 9, 1928 to Ellen A. West, born September 14, 1909, died March 21, 1953 in Wyoming.

Married 2) November 24, 1961 to Phyllis Jensen, born November 15, 1913, died January 23, 1992 i Congress, Arizona.


D11.    Julia Katherine Borchgrevink.

Born August 4, 1906 in South Dakota.


Married June 1, 1925 i Belle Forche, South Daktota, to Earl John Riesland, born May 6, 1904, died January 14, 1982.



A12.    Neal Ridley Riesland.

Born June 30,1926

Married June 25, 1948 to Hazel Lucille Kottraba, born August 1,1930.


A13.    Neal Richard Riesland.

Born October 4, 1952.


Married June 19, 1982 to Connie Dunn, born January 18, 1960.


A14.    Lori Ann Riesland.

            Born January 9, 1990.


B13.    John Raymond Riesland.

Born February 15, 1957.

Married December 22, 1978 med Robin Lee Hankins, born August 2, 1956.


A14.    Jamie Lee Riesland.

            Born January 9, 1990.


B14.    Katie Lynn Riesland.

            Born July 27, 1987.


C13.    Linda Kathryn Riesland.

Born March 1, 1960.

Married 1) August18, 1979 to Roger Dean Hildebrand. Marriage dissolved June 7,  1986.

Married 2) September 9, 1987 to Jerry Lee Phillips, born June 13, 1959.


A14.    Kelly Ann Hildebrand.

            Born April 23. 1982.


B14.    Ricky Ray Hildebrand.

            Born 13. februar 1986.


B12.    Peggy Joe Riesland.

Born May 3, 1928. Died March 8, 1943.


C12.    David Henrik Riesland.

Born January 1, 1933.

Married 1) June 10, 1956 to Dorothy Inich, born October 15, 1932, died December 25, 1986.

Married 2) August 26, 1988 to Ruby Lampley, born March 8, 1930. [From a previous marriege, Ruby Lampley had three children  – Rick, Phillip and Jan, and to grandchildren].


A13.    Denise Kay Riesland.

Born October 13, 1958.

Married 1) September 1, 1979 to Edward Cole, born September 27, 1956. Marriage dissolved.

Married 2) July 4, 1991 med Charles «Chuck» Vollmar, born July 27, 1963.


A14.    Lucinda Kathrine Cole.

            Born November 15, 1980.


B14.    Zachary Douglas Cole.

            Born May 22, 1983.


C14.    Dorothy «Dottie» Lucille Vollmer.

            Born June 3, 1993.


B13.    Deborah Ann Riesland.

Born September 30, 1959.

Married July 8, 1978 to Bert Allyn Nance, born August 5, 1957.


A14.    Stephanie Denise Nance.

            Born October 13, 1980.


B14.    Katherine «Katie» Pamela Nance.

            Born August 5,  1986.


C13.    David Ross Riesland.

            Born September 30,1964.


D12.    A Boy.

            Died at birth March 29, 1935. [Name, if any, unknown].


            [Continuing with Henrik Ridley Borchgrevink’s half              bothers and sisters]


 B10.   Caroline Louise Borchgrevink.

            Born May 30, 1880. Died January 9, 1900.


C10.    Annie Elisabeth Borchgrevink.

            Born March 10, 1883.


D10.    Otto Christian Borchgrevink.

            Born November 17, 1888. Became a famous surgeon.


            [Returning to the younger brother of Otto Borchgrevink        A9]


B9.      Johan Bernt Borchgrevink.

Født in Christiania February 23, 1847. Died January 10, 1910.

Lawyer and became chief justice of the International Court of Justice in Alexandria, Egypt.

Married  October 1882 in Oakland Calfirnoa, to Aïda Deborah Starr.


A10.    Harald Starr Borchgrevink.

            Born March 19, 1886 in Alexandria, Egypt.

            Prominent civil engineer.


A11.    Nils Borchgrevink.

Born March 3, 1918. Lt. colonel.


A12.    Kirsten Borchgrevink.

            Born September 26, 1947.

            Married to Bruno Osty.

            Two children.


B12.    Harald Borchgrevink.

            Born February 20, 1951.

            Civil engineer.

            Three children.


C12.    Johan Christian Borchgrevink.

            Born  November 3, 1957.

            Four children.


            [Skipping C9-F9, to be found in the Norwegian register.]]


G9.      Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink.

Født December 1, 1864 in Christiania.

Became an explorer of  the Antarctic and led the first expedition to winter on that continent.

            Four children.


H9.      Ida Borchgrevink.

Born in Christiania October 22, 1866.

Married in Christiania April 4, 1889 to doctor Carsten Anker Løwold Zetlitz.

They emigrated and was reportet in 1911 to live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

An adopted daughter..



Branch M


M6.     Johannes Borchgrevink.

Born September 9, 1748 in Røros. Died April 4, 1824 in Røros.

Mining engineer. Applied in vain for the position of Inspector of the northern forests in 1775. He was 1785 to 1819 manager of the melting and coal department at the Dragaas works of the Røros copper mines. He retired in May 19, 1819.

Married in Røros May 21, 1778 to Anne Cathrine Flor, born January 12, 1757 in Røros. Daughter of chief engineer (overstiger) at the Røros mines, Henning Flor and Anne Malene Normann.


A7.      Leonhard Christian Borchgrevink.

Born July 7, 1778 in Røros.

Mining degree (bergkadett) 1801 and became acting verger (sexton) at Røros church, then mining engineer and finally, Chief accountant at the Storvarts mine in the Røros copper works. Retired with a pension in 1860.

Married August 10, 1801 in Røros to Johanna Bergmann Holst, born May 19, 1784 in Røros. died April 4, 1863. Daughter of landowner Theodorus Bergmann Holst and Anne Christine Munch Schjelderup.

Their descendants have access to the Angell foundation in Trondhjem. [The Angell foundations, established by the wealthy merchant and landowner Thomas Angell takes care the sick and elderly, primarily of his family and their descendants. It exists today. AB]


A8.      Henning Flor Borchgrevink.

Born October 8, 1801 at Røros. Died at Røros August 17, 1873.

Miner, and parish clerk (kirkesanger).

Married November 10, 1862 to Karen Fastedatter, born April 4, 1801, died January 31, 1880. Daughter of mineworker Faste Thomassen Indseth and Anne Andersdatter.


A9.      Faste Borchgrevink.

Born January 16, 1827 at Røros.

Went to Alta in North Norway in 1849. Assistant mining engineer at Alta copper mines 1860, 1864 at Kvænangen mines, and from around 1872 chief engineer at Berg nickel works on the Senja island in North Norway.

Married June 10, 1860 in Bosekop with Lucie Kokvold. Daughter of miner Hans Kokvold and Olava Cathrine Olsdatter Reimertz, both from Røros.


A10.    Hans Henrik Borchgrevink.

            Born May 18, 1857 in Kaafjord. Died ? 1903.

            Emigrated aproximately 1888 to Calumet, Michigan.

            Married Abelone Jensine Olsen, born September 30, 1857,        died in 1916.


A11.    Theodor Bergmann Borchgrevink.

Born January 1879 in Norway. Died July 29 in the same year.


B11.    Ole Henning Borchgrevink.

Born August 6, 1880 in Norway. Died 1913 in Everett, Washington.

Married to Ragna Ekrem [probably originally Eikrem], born November 1, 1885. Died January 17, 1970.


A12.    Henry Borchgrevink.

Born January 3, 1905 in Calumet, Michigan, died May 1968 in Marysville, Washington.

Married May 19, 1938 to Jesse Reid, born June 5, 1902, died August 8, 1993.


A13.    Ladelle Henry Borchgrevink.

Born February 24, 1939 in Everett, Washington.

Married June 20, 1959 to Kathleen (Kathy) Stensrud, born May 5, 1941.


A14.    Michele Dawn Borchgrevink.

Born May 28, 1960 in Everett, Washington.


B14.    Steven Ladelle Borchgrevink.

Born July 23, 1961 in Everett, Washington.

Married September 17, 1983 to Teresa Teerink, born March 10, 1954.


A15.    Steven Ladelle Borchgrevink.

Born June 17, 1985 in Everett, Washington.


B15.    Brittney Marie Borchgrevink.

            Born January 23, 1990 in Everett, Washington.


C14.    Staci Dawn Borchgrevink.

Born April 22, 1967 in Everett, Washington.

Married August 9, 1968 to Randal Garka, born March 8, 1965.


A15.    Steffani Joye Garka.

            Born April 2, 1988 in Everett, Washington.


B15.    Rebekka Ashli Garka.

            Born November 15, 1991 in Everett, Washington.


C15.    Jessyka Runae Garka.

            Born May 2. 1944 in Everett, Washington


D14.    Shari Kaye Borchgrevink.

            Born December 5, 1967 in Everett, Washington.


A15.    Nickalos Ladelle Borchgrevink.

            Born September 4, 1989 in Everett, Washington.


B15.    Shakarra Noelle Bissel. (?)

            Born November 18, 1990 in Everett, Washington.


B12.    Arthur Borchgrevink.


C12.    Robert Ekrem Borchgrevink.

            Born February 26, 1917 in Calumet?

            Married August 6, 1937 to Flora Lindborg.


A13.    Robert William Borchgrevink.

Born May 29, 1938 in Calumet?


Married September 15, 1959 to Sally Stormo, born August 6, 1939.


A14.    Kim Borchgrevink.

Born March 18, 1957. Born to Sally Stormo, adopted by Robert.


A15.    Adrian Dana Marie Borchgrevink.

            Born September 15, 1965.

            Married to Jones ? Divorced.



A16.    Tamsen Borchgrevink (daughter)

            Born ?


B14.    Robert Borchgrevink.

            Born December 23, 1967.


A15.    A boy.


B15.    A boy.


C15.    A girl.


B13.    Sharon Joan Borchgrevink[3].

            Born April 1, 1943.

            Married June 17, 1961 to Fred Stonke.


A14.    Richard Fred Stonke.

Born April 17, 1962.

Married September 11, 1982 in Anchorage, Alaska, to Kelly Brazel.


A15.    Lil Rickey Stonke.

            Born July 11, 1984.


B15.    Christopher Stonke.

            Born December 13, 1985.


C15.    Heather Nicole Stonke.

            Born March 31, 1988.


B14.    Ronald Pat Stonke.

Born May 2, 1964.

Single. (Very artistic, loves animals and contemplates buying a pet shop).


C14.    Tamie Marie Stonke.

Born May 6, 1964.

Single. (Served three years in the Army and after college is a buyer for Overlake Hospital in Bellevue. (Where is this? AB).


D14.    Tracy Lynn Stonke.

Born May 29, 1965.

Single. (Working for . . . ? very athletic, played baseball many years.)


C13.    Nancy Glee Borchgrevink.

            Born October 1, 1951.

            Married December 27, 1968 to Kirk Gilbertson.


A14.    Ginny Gilbertson.

Born October 12, 1969.

Married Kevin Johnsted. (She works in the deli’ for Safeway).


A15.    Siri Johnsted.

            Born July 3, 1988.


A16.    Randal Johnsted.

            Born March 5, 1990.


C11.    Anna Louise Borchgrevink.

Born August 1, 1882 in Norway. Died ? 1956 in the United States (Calumet?).


D11.    Theodor Bergmann Borchgrevink.

Born November 26, 1884 in Norway. Died young in Calumet, Michigan.


E11.    Faste/Foster Borchgrevink.

Born September 26,1887 in Norway. Died in May 1969 in Vancouver, Washington.

Married in Riverside, California, June 24 1916 to Astrid Borchgrevink (B10 in Branch B above – his 4th cousin once removed), born January 7, 1893, died in 1972, daughter of Gregers Lundh Borchgrevink and Anne Ragnhild Egede Mehlum.


A12.    Robert Egede Borchgrevink.

Born April 30, 1921. Died in February 1985


B12.    K. Gordon Borchgrevink.

Born June 4, 1924.in Portland, Oregon.

Married 1) in June 1945 to Nancy Carter. Divorced July 15. 1977.

Married 2) July 8, 1979 to Marion E. Nobbs, born October 13, 1929.


A13.    Karen Louise Borchgrevink.

            Born December 7, 1949 in Corwallis, Oregon..


B13.    Beth Anne Borchgrevink. 

            Born August 11, 1951 in Corwallis, Oregon..

            Married December 12, 1978 to David P. Schmaltz.        Divorced in February 1991.


A14.    Wilder David Schmaltz.

            Born March 15, 1979 in Portland, Oregon.


B14.    Heidi Astrid Schmaltz.

            Born April  1|, 1982 in Portland, Oregon..


C13.    Eric Kjøstolf (Carter) Borchgrevink. 

Born in Corwallis, Oregon, May 7, 1953. Assumed in 1984 the middle name of Kjøstolf instead of Carter.

Married to Lucy .

Two adopted children from Lucy's first marriage (A14 and B14 beneath)..


A14.    Jeanne Anne Borchgrevink. 

            Born in February 1975.


B14.    William (Billy) Borchgrevink. 

            Born August 6, 1978.


D13.    Janine Claire Borchgrevink. 

            Born June 24, 1956 in Corvallis, Oregon.



F11.    Theodor Bergmann Borchgrevink. 

            Born 1889 in Calumet, Michigan.

            Died in 1962 in Los Angeles, California.


G11.    Ragna Olea Borchgrevink. 

            Born 1890 in Calumet, Michigan, Died inVancouver,   Washington, in 1971.


H11.    Nora Caroline Borchgrevink. 

            Born in 1893 in Calumet, Michigan. Died there in 1961..

I11.     Henry Trygve Borchgrevink. 

            Born in 1895 in Calumet, Michigan. Died  in 1961 in    Vancouver, Washington..


A12.    Philip Thompson Bork (Borchgrevink). 

Born May 26, 1926.

Changed his name to Bork.

Married November 9, 1951 to Elizabeth Patricia Hulbert, born August 18, 1928.


 A13.   Michael Phillip Bork. 

Born September 23, 1952.

Married August 26, Gift 1978 to Molly Rae O'Dell, born May 18, 1956.


A14.    Jessica Bork. 

            Born December 2, 1979.


B14.    Wade Bork. 

            Born June 21, 1983.


B13.    Bruce Alan Bork. 

            Born December 8, 1954.


C13.    Thomas Jeffrey Bork. 

Born December 11, 1956.

Married September 24, 1988 to Sheila Denison Stanton, born September 10, 1963.


D13.    Mary Cathrine Bork. 

            Born April 19, 1960. 


F13.    Laurence Henry Bork. 

Born April 26, 1962.

Married June 28, 1986 to Rita Elizabeth Nicacio, born June 21, 1963.


K11.  Benio Rudolph Bork (Borchgrevink). 

Born in 1898 in Calumet, Michigan. Died in April 1982. Changed his name in 1942 to Bork. Bank Vice President of Equitable Savings and Loan in Portland, Oregon.

Married in Calumet, Michigan to Ellen Keckonen. Died in April 1978.

[Their nine children were born in Calumet. Six went with their parents to the Northwest Coast, I believe. AB.]


A12.    Robert (Bob) Bork.

Born February 12, 1921.

Bank manager.

Married to Kit.     


A13.    Bruce Bork.

            Born ?

            Married ? to Debbie .


A14.    A son.


B14.    A son.


B13.    Melanie Bork. 

            Born ?

Married ? to Bob (Robert) Carpenter? 


A14.    A boy/girl.


B14.    A boy/girl.

C14.    A boy/girl.


C13.    Bobbie John (BJ) Bork.


D13.    James Bork.  


E13.    Jeff Bork.

Married to Raeann.


A14.    Brooke Bork.


F13.    Lisa Bork.


A14.    Thomas? 


G13.    Lara Bork.

            Married to Curtis.


B12.    Burton Bork. 

Born May 26, 1922.

Salesman in the building trade? Retired.

Married ? Jean.


A13.    David Bork. 

Born July 1949.


Married ? to Jenni. 


A14.    Geoff Bork.


B14.    Amy Bork.


C14.    Kevin Bork.


B13.    Stephen Bork.

            Born July 19,1949.


C13.    Susan Bork.

Born December 16, 1951.

Married ? to Ron Gallagher.


A14     Jason Bork Gallagher (twin).


A14      Ryan Bork Gallagher (twin).


B14.    Carrie Bork Gallagher.


C12.    Elizabeth (Betty) Bork.

Born July ?, 1923.

Married ? to John (Jack) Klinkert. He died in March 1986.


A13.    John (Skip) Bork Klinkert.

            Married to Pat.


A14.    A boy.


B13.    Donna Bork Klinkert.

Married to Bill (William?) Graham.


A14.    Eric Graham.


B14.    Kevin Graham.


C13.    Mary Bork Klinkert.

Married to John Webb.


A14.    Jennifer Webb.


B14.    Kristin Webb.


D12.    Bruce Bork. 

Born March 21, 1930.

Married to Margaret.


A13.    Debbie Bork.

            Born August 14, 1956.

            Married to Don Turner.


A14.    A son/daughter.


B14.    A son/daughter.


B13.    Jenny Bork. 

            Born October 3, 1957.

            Married to James Cook.


A14.    Chad Bork Cook.


B14.    Mary Bork Cook.   


C13     Lorna Bork (twin).

            Born November 6, 1959.

            Married to Dave Hildahl.


A14.    A daughter.


B14.    A daughter. 


C13 (2) Linda Bork (twin). 

            Born November 6, 1959.


D13.    Rebecca Bork. 

            Born ? 1961/62. Died August ?,


E13.    Karen Bork. 

            Born August ?, 1970.


F13.    Christin Bork. 


E12.    Billy Ray (Bill) Bork. 

Born October 26, 1933. Died August ?, 1983.

Married to?


A13.    Douglas Bork. 

Born April ?, 1954.

Married to Linda.


A14.    A girl.


B13.    Amy Bork. 

Born June ?, 1955.

Married to Bill Bruck.


A14.    Travis Bork Bruck.


B14.    Kyla Bork Bruck.


C14.    Wyatt Bork Bruck.


C13.    Jody Bork. 

            Born February 13, 1970.


D13.    Bradley Bork. 

            Born October 2, 1973.


F12.    Nancy Bork. 

            Born June 26, 1935.

            Married to Don Brough.


A13.    Jeff Bork Brough. 

Born July ? 1954.

Married to Julie.


A14.    Nicole Brough.


B14.    Stacy Brough.


C14.    Jason Brough.


B13.    Jerry Bork Brough. 

Born February 10, 1956.

Married to Cheryl.


A14.    Jennifer Brough.


B14.    Renae Brough.


C13.    Brian Bork Brough.

Born May 25, 1959.

Married to Joan.


A14.    Christine Brough.


B14.    Brad Brough.


C14.    Daniel Brough.    


G12.    Mary Ellen Bork. 

Born September 20, 1938.

Married to Dwayne White, born June 6, 1935, died June 1993.


A13.    Reese Bork White. 

Born December 22, 1958.

Married to Nancy.


A14.    Russel White.


B13.    Andrea Bork White.

            Born September 1, 1960.

            Married to Brian Pirrone.


A14.    A boy.


C13.    Mark Bork White. 

Born July 18, 1962.

Married to Cheryl.


A14.    Daryn White. 

            Born August 6, 1986.


B14.    Kassandra White. 

            Born March 17, 1988.


D13.    Brett Bork White.  

            Born March 20, 1968.


H12.    Earl (Joe) Bork. 

Born July 2, 1940.

Married to Anne Rogene Mendenhall, born August 21, 1939.


A13.    Lenise Bork. 

Born August 24, 1965.



B13.    David Bork. 

Born August 3, 1967.

In the Navy (1989).


C13.    Teresa Bork. 

Born November 29, 1968.

Married to Tony Winstead. In the Navy (1989).


D13.    Tracy Bork. 

Born April 24, 1970.


J12.    Dean (Jerry) Bork.

Born June 20, 1941.

Married to Frances Waggerman, born June 4, 1941.


A13.    Joe Allen Bork. 

            Born May 28, 1965.


B13.    Angela Bork. 

            Born October 1968.

            Married to David Crosland.


L11.    Alida Borchgrevink. 

            Born in Calumet, Michigan in1900. Died in 1985.


M11.   Laura Helen Borchgrevink.

            Born in 1904 in Calumet, Michigan.

            Married  in 1927 to Gordon Jory.


A12.    Marilyn Ann Borchgrevink Jory.

Born in 1933.

Married in 1963 to Albert H. Lagaeno (Lagano?).


A13.    Andrew Bennet Borchgrevink Jory.

            Born ?, 1967




[Here I make a big jump in the story. Henning Flor Borchgrevink - A8 above had a younger brother Theodor Bergmann - B8 - whose descendants are of interest in this context.]


B8. Theodor Bergmann Borchgrevink.

Born April 17, 1803 in Røros. Died in Alta July 6, 1867.

Came in 1834 to the Alten (Alta) copper mines, became foreman, and in 1840 chief foreman in the melting works. He was appointed Inspector of forests in Alta 1848, a position he had until his death.

Married in Røros October 13, 1826 to Christine Kulberg, born November 19, 1803 in Røros, died ? 1875.


A9.      Ole Borchgrevink. 

Born March 3, 1828 in Røros. Died May 2, 1889.

Foreman, chief foreman and accountant at Alta copper works 1849. From 1872 manager of Berg nickel works in the Senja island which closed in 1879[4].

Thereafter trader/merchant.

Married November 1, 1852 in Kaafjord to Ida Marie Lie, born August 25, 1828 in Christiania (Oslo), died February 17, 1893 in Alta. Daughter of magistrate in Alta, Lars Lie and Bolette Marie Bordoe.

Eight children.


A10.    Laura Theodora Borchgrevink. 

Born September 18, 1853 in Kaafjord. Died June 5, 1910.

Married March 4, 1876 to Johan Lauritz Norum, business man i Alta, born March 3, 1852. They went at to the United States, time unknown, destination unknown[5].

Three children:

Ole Borchgrevink Norum, born February 4, 1877; Aagot Charlotte Norum, born December 5, 1878, and Carl Hjalmar Norum, born November 11, 1881.


D10.    Mads Lie Borchgrevink. 

Born June 19, 1863. Died? in Calumet, Michigan?

Established as business man at Furuholmen near Harstad 1889 to 1892, when a fire forced the trade centre to close down.. Left in 1893 for the United States and was reported in 1910 as living in Calumet, Michigan.

Married August 1, 1880 Anna Sofie Hirsch, born August 17, 1862. Daughter of doctor Patroclus Hirsch and Caroline Brenmehl. She must have returned to Norway, or never left for the United States, as was reported living in Christiania (Oslo) in 1910 and employed by the City magistrate.


A11.    Signe Ida Caroline Borchgrevink. 

            Born June 3, 1890.


B11.    Ole Rolf Borchgrevink. 

            Born August 1, 1895.


C11.    Carl Patroclus Borchgrevink.

Born June 17, 1899. died November 13, 1980.



E10.    Ida Olea Christine Borchgrevink. 

Born June 22, 1865.

Married to Aage Buck, business man from the Hammerfest-area, in 1910 reported living in the United States.

Three children: Ole Buck, Ida Buck and Signe Buck.




[Other descendants of the Borchgrevink-family went to the United States also. Some grew roots, some returned to Norway.]


The starting point is C6,  rural dean Henrik Christian Borchgrevink, born in Røros 1732. We have met his eldest son – Frederik Borchgrevink B7. Now it is time to meet his younger son Leonhard Christian Borchgrevink C7 who is father to Henrik Christian Borchgrevink A8  who in turn fathered  Anne Marie Laurentze Borchgrevink B9. She married Arnold Andersen Rørholt. They had eight children, among whom we note the two daughters, Bera Rørholt G10, of whom more below, and Helga Rørholt H10.


H10.    Helga Jacobine Carola Erichsen Rørholt.

Born in Hamar, Norway, January 12, 1895. Died in Augusta, Maine, August 16, 1975.

Married Anton Marius Lund. Officer, civil engineer, paper mill manager. Emigrated to the United States in 1925 and settled there, finally in Augusta, Maine.


A11.    Anton Morten (Mort) Lund.

Born December 23, 1926.    

Bowdoin College 1950. Journalist, sports and travel writer.

Married May 7, 1973 to Bea?. Marriage dissolved?.


B11.    Jon Arnold Lund. 

Born November 6, 1928..

Bowdoin College 1951. Harvard Law School 1954. State Senator, Maine 19??-??. State of Maine Attorney General 19??-??. Practicing law.

Married June 28, 1952 to Sylvia Viles, born

August 30, 1933. Marriage dissolved 1974.

Both living in Augusta, Maine.


A12.    William Lund.

            Born June 8, 1955.


B12.    Michael Lund 

            Born December 14, 1956.


C12.    Rolf Arnold Lund.

            Born March 21, 1958.


D12.    Peter Tilden Lund. 

            Born March 19, 1959.


E12.    Alfred Viles Lund. 

            Born January 22, 1961.


F12.    Carol Lund. 

            Born November 10, 1963.


C11.    Helge Erik Lund.

Born January 21, 1935.

Bowdoin College 1957. Harvard Law School 1961. Practicing law. Living in Cambridge, Mass., and  in  Maine.

Married June ?, 1960 in Los Angeles to Diana Theis, born January 21, 1938, died May 13, 1995. Harvard Law School 1961. Professor of law, educationalist etc.



A12.    Benjamin Wesley Lund.

            Born July 2, 1961.


B12.    Theodore Anton Lund. 

            Born June 4, 1963.


C12.    Kristin Valerie Lund. 

            Born April 25, 1965.

Married August 12, 1889 to Edmund Conrad Neuhaus III. Divorced.



Back to the starting point, rural dean Henrik Christian Borchgrevink C6. His sixth child is Hans Peter Borchgrevink F7, born October 19, 1781 in Copenhagen. He also became a rural dean. His son Henrik Christian Borchgrevink A8,  born May 27, 1811–- also a rural dean – had 12 children. His 7th, Einar Borchgrevink G9 (1849 - 1933), also a man of the cloth,  had, like his father,  an impressive lot of children – 11 i all. He was married to Julie Regine Gløersen (1854 - ?) His eldest child, Margrethe Borchgrevink A10, married in the United States.


A10.    Margrethe Borchgrevink.

Born January 22 1882 in Nes in Hedmark.

Married in 1912 in Colorado, USA; to Birger Olaus Larsen, born in Jelsa August 1870, farmer in Colorado. They must have been acquainted in Norway as Margrethe’s father was the rector of Jelsa parish 1883-90.


A11.    Olaf Einar Larsen.

Born November 16, 1914.


B11.    Elisabeth Larsen.

Born June 11, 1915.


C11.    August Larsen.

Born January 11, 1917.


D11.    Harald Julius Larsen.


E11.    Hans Peter Borchgrevink Larsen.



Back again to the starting point, rural dean Henrik Christian Borchgrevink C6. His sixth child is Hans Peter Borchgrevink F7, born October 19, 1781 in Copenhagen. He also became a rural dean. His son Henrik Christian Borchgrevink A8,  born May 27, 1811 - also a rural dean - had 12 children. His 11th, Theodor Borchgrevink K9, also a man of the cloth, had one child,  Henrik Christian Borchgrevink A10.


A10.    Henrik Christian Borchgrevink.

Born October 19, 1892. Died July 19, 1959.

Civil engineer.

Married November 1, 1917 his cousin four time removed, the above mentioned Bera Sofie Rørholt, G10. She died March 24, 1982.

He went to the United States in the '20s, was employed by the New York Port Authority and was participating in the construction of the George Washington Bridge, among other well-known construction works.


A11.    Signe Borchgrevink.

            Born in Norway July 15, 1920. Died October 9, 1941.


B11.    Theodor Borchgrevink.

Born February 16, 1923 in Brooklyn, New York.

Civil engineer.

Married June 23, 1949 to Gerd Amundsen, born October 16, 1926.

Went to the United States in 1949. Worked mostly with road constructions. Returned to Norway in 1963 and became a director/engineer in the Directorate of Roads and Traffic. Retired in 1992.


A12.    Henrik Christian Borchgrevink.

Born in Trondheim, Norway, January 7, 1953.

Purser/steward in the Scandinavian Airlines System.

Married May 2, 1975 to Liv Evensen, born March 24, 1953.


A13.    Theodor Christian Borchgrevink.

            Born September 29, 1980.


B13.    Catharina Borchgrevink.

            Born August 26, 1982.


B12.    Carl Peter Borchgrevink.

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, August 25, 1954.

Hotel- and restaurant executive. Returned to the United States.

Ph. D., assistant professor at Michigan State University in Lansing.

Married July ?, 1987 in the United States to Barbara Hammond, born September 1, 1958.              

Lives in Lancing, Michigan.


A13.    Peter Charles Borchgrevink.

            Born June 21, 1990.


B13.    Laura-May Borchgrevink.

            Born June 3, 1992.


C12.    Gerd Margrethe Borchgrevink.

            Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, May 5, 1960.

Married in 1993 to Harald Haave.


A13.    Felix August Borchgrevink.

Born October 15, 1994.


D12.    Theodor Borchgrevink jr.

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, May, 2, 1962.

Lives in Los Angeles. Master carpenter.


C11.    Arnold Rørholt Borchgrevink.

Born in Hamar, Norway May 13, 1932.

Journalist. Compiler of these notes.



The lost ones


There are some we know nothing about since they left for the United States. They and their reference numbers are taken from the main register.


D10.    Dorthea Karen Fredrikke Borchgrevink.

Born i Norddalen June 6, 1883.

Married June 25, 1904 to Christoffer Sogn, born December 4, 1877 in Christiania (Oslo). Printer. Son of printer H. C. Sogn and Emma Voelkmann.

Living in Brooklyn.


A11.    Ragnhild Sogn.

Born April 4, 1905 in Brooklyn.


B11.    Astrid Sogn.

Born December 2, 1907 in Brooklyn.



A10.    Henrik Ridley Borchgrevink.

Born March 3, 1871. College of agriculture 1891. Sometime after 1902 and before 1906 he emigrated to the United States. At first manager of the Bratrud farm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in 1911 farm owner in Wyoming.

Married February 20, 1897 in Christiania (Oslo) to Agnes Margrethe Knudsen, born January 18, 1876.


A11.    Sussie Ridley Borchgrevink.

Born in Norway November 24, 1898.


B11.    Hans Christian Borchgrevink.

Born in Norway March 7, 1900.


C11.    Otto Borchgrevink.

Born in Norway April 13, 1902.


D11.    Julie Cathrine Borchgrevink.

Born in South Dakota August 4, 1906.


E11.    Johan Bernt Borchgrevink.

Born in South Dakota March 31, 1909.


H9.      Ida Borchgrevink.

Born October 22, 1866.

Married in Christiania (Oslo) April 4, 1889 to Carsten Anker Løwold Zetlitz, a doctor. In 1911 domiciled in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


A10.    Daughter (adopted).


D8.      Caroline Mathilde Borchgrevink.

Born in Norderhov may 11, 1823.

Married to Michael Wilhelm Holby.


C9.      Leonharda Nicoline Holby.

Born i Farsund January 24, 1851, died April 29, 1888.

Married June 23, 1875 to preacher Marcus Olaus Bøckmann, born in Langesund November 9, 1849. Lived since 1875 in the United States as a preacher, later professor at «The United Lutheran Seminary» in St. Paul.

Nine children.

He married again – his wife’s younger sister.


G9.      Inga Holby.

Born June 6, 1860.

Married in 1896 to the above mentioned professor Marcus Olaus Bøckmann.


I9.        Rolf Borchgrevink Holby.

Born in Norway October 20, 1864.

Sailor, settled later in Minneapolis where he had (1911) a grocery store.

Married March 3, 1900 to Lucy Haegener (of German descent).

No known children.



The notation system


The notation system used in this short family history is the one used in the book The Family Borchgrevink and its Branches, printed in 1911. It is now not to be had – even in antiquarian bookshops.

         I have used that book as the foundation of my compilation, and used the same system of notation.

         It is precise, but very cumbersome.

         The arabic numbers represent the generation.  The letters represent the order of birth in that particular family. G5 is thus a seventh child in the fifth generation. The system follows a branch to its very end before returning to the next in line.  Someone, let's call him Henry, has three children. We call Henry A2. His children are A3, B3, C3. A3 has two children, they are A4, B4.  We follow A4 and his issue to the very end, then return and follow B4 and his issue to the very end, then return to B3 and follow the same procedure, then return to C3 etc.

         In a masculine, chauvinistic age, the girls were rapidly phased out unless they became married to someone famous. A sorry fact.

         The notation system is not difficult to follow once one has figured out the way it works.





            I have done little direct research. I have depended on sources and their sources. Some of them were mainly concerned with other topics, and the information gleaned is rather incidental to the source.


         Bjarne Borchgrevink,  Familien Borchgrevink med Sidelinjer (The Borchgrevink Family with Side Branches),  Christiania (Oslo) 1911. On this major work most of my compilation is based.


         Angul Hammerich,  Musiken ved Christian den fjerdes Hof. Et bidrag til dansk Musikhistorie (Music at the Court of Christian the Fourth. A contribution to Danish History of Music),  København (Copenhagen)1892. Opprindelig en avhandling for den filosofiske doktorgrad ved Københavns Universitet (Originally a dissertation for the Doctorate of philosophy at theUniversity of Copenhagen).

         Bernhard Engelke,  Musik und Musiker am gottorfer Hofe 1590-1627 (Music and Musicians at the Court of  Gottorp 1590-1627),  Breslau 1930. Veröffentlichungen der schleswig-holsteinischen Universitätsgeschellskaft (A publication of the University Society of Schleswig-Holstein).

Letters to «cousin» Bjørn Borchgrevink who has been

a much more diligent researcher than I.

Letter from Dr. Joachim Hartig, University of Kiel, December 1989 – the gist of:

         Dr. Hartig maintains that the name Borchgrevink in all probability is of Westphalian origin. I may originate in what today is the westernmost area of North Germany or in the easternmost area of what today is the Netherlands. The Dutch-German frontier as we know it today, was non-existent before the peace of Westphalia 1648. The frontier was no language barrier between the neighbouring areas.

         The variations of the endings -ink, -ing, -inck can by regarded as depending only of the writers whim. In the same way we must look at the variations -grevink  and -greuing. As regards Burg- and  Burch one must consider the efforts of transforming the Low-German dialects into the more prestigious High-German language.

         In Westphalia and the Eastern part of the Netherlands one frequently finds family names ending in -ing. The origin is the name of a property. Every property/farm had, and has today, its own name. Normally it is derived from the first name of the owner, i.e. Johanning (Johann=John),  his profession, i.e.  Smeding  (smed=smith), or - if he was one - his title as public servant, i.e. Richterink (richter=judge), or after the property's feudal lord, i.e. Bischopinck/Bisping after a  bishop,  Nunning after a the owner - a nunnery. Such names could also derive from associations to a particular place, i.e. Kemping after a place where there once was a battle (kamp/kemp/kampf=battle/fight);  Rüdingœ  after a clearence (rüding=clearence).

         As regards the name of Borchgrevink , Dr. Hartig believes that it is derived from a civil/public servant profession. But as far as Dr Hartig knows, there was no such profession in the Westphalia from which it could be derived.

         In a document from Brünen near present day Netherlands from 1498/99, a Hille Borchgreuen  is mentioned. But in the attached documentation she is called Hilleken op den Borchgraven.  In this case Borchgreven must have been the place where she lived. Her descentens - in all probability - called themselves Borchgreving, according to Dr. Hartig.

         The first names of Bonaventura and Melchior  were in use all over Germany at the time we are concerned with, writes Dr. Hartig.

         In order to find something more about the name from before 1550, one must consult registers of works of local history in the areas. For instance, in 1492 to 1510 the prelate Jacobus Borchgrevink,  had a position at the court of the bishop of Münster, he writes.


         Letter  from Dr. Gunter Müller, Westphalian Institute of Local History, January 1990 - the gist of:

         Dr. Hartig is right. From the tax register of the princely bishopric of Münster for 1498-99, it seems likely that the names Borchgrave, Borchgreve, and Borchgrevink are derived from a fortified place - a «befestigungsgraben» - a place fortified with a wall and a moat.

         Hr. Hartig makes an error, however, when he assumes that in the Middle Ages, the term borchgreve was not used in Westphalia. The term was widely used about a caretaker of a castle or of the property of a noble family. In Westphalia, the names Borchgreve were a not rare family name. They are mostly derived from the profession of a castle caretaker and not from a someone living or working etc. near a castle (Burg) or moat (graben). However, names deriving from different sources were often mixed up.

         Thus, the name Borchgrevink can have a double meaning.

         There are other possibilities. The -ing ending may have had a property derivation. The name may then mean someone who lived near the moat of a castle, or lived next to a castle caretaker.

         There was no such thing as a strict rule of spelling in the Middle Ages. But the spelling Borchgrevink may be considered typical for the 14th and 15th century.

         The earliest mention of the name that Dr.Müller was able to find during a cursory look at the registers, was Gerhard Borggrevinc.He is recorded as giving some information to the rector of Westbevern east of Münster in 1361. Dr. Müller corraborates the information about the prelate Jacob Borchgrevinck, in Dr.  Hartig's letter. (Note the slightly different spelling. AB)


          Letter  from Dr. Rob Rentenaar, Institute of Local  History, the Royal Dutch Academy of Science, March 1990:

         The name Borchgrevink, in all probability, has its origin East Netherlands. Not only do the name appear earlier there than in the neighbouring

Westphalia, there was also a property named Borchgrevink.

         The property is now called Borchgreve and is situated in the village Tilligte in the province of Overijssel. At one time the property may have been

owned by the «burggreve» of Coevorden in the province of Drenthe. (Burggreve/burggraf=castlecount means the commander/caretaker of a castle – castellanus in latin – who held the caste for a king or another great personage AB).

         The oldest document in which the name of the family and of the property appear, is in a diploma from about 1320-1329 - (I have not yet got translated the copy in mediaeval Latin of the statement made by Gerardus Borichgrevinc, squire, which Dr. Rentenaar refers. AB)

         The property was sold to the knightly German monastic order (The German Knightly Order?) in Ootmarchum February 7, 1332. (I have not yet got translated the copy of the mediaeval Dutch document to which Dr. Rentenaar refers. AB).


         Bjørn Borchgrevink visited the village Tilligte in the province of Overijssel in the Summer of 1990 and found the property and the family Borchgreve.

         The reception was very friendly, but there was no information or knowledge about the origin of the Danish/Norwegian family of a similar name.

         Bjørn Borchgrevink was given a booklet about Borchgreves in the Netherlands, written German by Dr. Siegfried Wiarda and entitled  Vom alten niederländischen Stamm Borggreve bis zo seinen Verzweigungen in der Grafschaft Bentheim (About the Old Dutch Family Tree of the Borggreve's until it branches away in the County of Bentheim. Edition of the County Bentheim History Association, 1977.

         (The Counts of Bentheim resided in what today is Westphalia. In 1815 the county - then two minor principalities, was divided between Prussia and Hannover. AB)

         Dr. Wiarda had done a study of families which used the name Borggreve and its many variations. He argues strongly for the likelihood that they somehow are connected, but admits that proof is non-existent. However, he argues as they all lived in the same area of Germany/the Netherlands during the Middle Ages, they must have had a knowledge of each other, if not actually related.

         He lists and give sources for a lot of them and the year in which they are mentioned:

         Burggravius, Duke of Friesland, around year 800; Leffardus Borggraeve 1097, Ludolfus Borggraef  1098, Gerardus Burggravius 1207, Henric Borggraeve 1371, Peter Borchgreving 1382, Egbertus and  Lambertus Borggreven 1388, Johan Borggrevinc 1413, Henrick Borggraf 1420, Jacobus Borggreving 1430, Jacobus Borchgrewyng 1446, Ricoldus de Borchgrave 1500, Henrick Borrichgreven 1546 and Greta Borchgreven 1548. He believes that Leffardus and Ludolfus were brothers and that a third brother was Harbertus, Bishop of Utrecht 1139-1150.

         Lack of records make it impossible for Dr. Wiarda to establish any factual relations between the many Borchgrevink tribes, though they probably were connected in some way. In the territory in which they lived, war after war has destroyed most of what there was of records, and what appear, are unrelated to this purpose. One must relay on assumptions, is the gist of Dr. Wiarda's point of view.

         He reports a Peter Borchgreving 1382 as buyer of the inheritable estate Grotejödering, a Johann Borggrevinc 1413 as papal and imperial notary in Utrecht, a Jacobus Borggrevink 1430 as a church official and 1446 as Archdeacon in Oldenzaal and a Gerhardus Borggrevink as rector of Emlicheim.

         A curiosity, he mentions that in Mannheim June 13, 1777 there died a Count N. B. J. von Borchgrave, Knight of the Teutonic Order.


And so?

         What does this tell us?

         Only that there existed in the Middle Ages persons, families and groups of families who all lived near each other and had strikingly similar names.

         However, I make some assumptions:

         We know that the first recorded Borchgrevinks –Bonaventura, Melchior and Heinrich – were musicians of a high order. Music such as they were the practitioners of, belonged to the churches – particularly the great cathedrals, and to the secular courts of kings, princes and dukes.

         We know that at that time Dutch musicians were regarded as the best. Could not a Borchgrevink from the Utrecht/Münster-area and, both cities with great cathedrals and great episcopal courts, have wandered eastwards and he, his sons or grandsons ended up at the Court or Gottorp. Neither the distance nor the time-span is very great. Some musicians, we know, were wandering entertainers. Employed for a time at the Court of a duke or a count or a bishop, then leavingfor another position, and after a time, again set out for another lush pasture? Why not?

         What is true, though, is that today the Borchgrevink-name is well known and respected in Norway.




         The spelling of the name Borchgrevink.

         As already mentioned, there were no correct ways of spelling in those days. Even in the account books of the Danish Court, Melchior Borchgrevink's name is spelled: Borggreffuing, Burggrafling, Borggrefue, Borchgreffuingh, Borggrevinck and so on. The most frequently used Borchgrevinck. In Gottorp, according to Bernhard Engelke's book, the most frequent spelling was Borchgreving.

         However, Melchior Borchgrevink published a volume of madrigals –the favourite secular music of the time – in 1605-06. On the frontispiece his name is spelled Melchior Borchgreuinck. I assume that he knew how he wanted his is name spelled.  Then our present Borchgrevink  is pretty close to the mark, taking into consideration the above information about inks, incks and uinks.



The Coat of Arms


         There are differences of opinion. In the above mentioned book The Music of Christian the Fourth – in which Melchior Borchgrevink figures prominently – there is a mention of a legal document on which he put his seal. On that seal was his coat of arms in the stylized version then used by nobility: In the shield a dog walking towards the left, on the shield – instead of the usual helmet – a death's head topped by the top half of a dog facing left, with the letters M B on each side of the shield.

         It is important to note that in heraldry, left means right, i.e. left is left when seeing the coat of arms on a shield facing you.

         I have written to the Royal Danish Archives asking for a photocopy of the seal. The archivist replied politely that they did not have the document carrying the seal registered. (However, if it was seen by the author of that book 100 year ago, it must be somewhere, if one knew where to look).

         The reproduction of the coat of arms used in the book about the Borchgrevink family, was probably made by an artist after the above description in connection with the publishing of the book in 1911.

         Dogs and death's heads are unusual, but known in heraldics, though when in stead of the helmet, it is carved  on a tombstone and refers to a dead person. The dog stands for faithfulness and the death's head for «memento mori» - remember the  death.

         Diligent research by Bjørn Borchgrevink has led him to the conclusion, in which I concur, that the above description is incorrect. The seal in itself was probably smaller than a silver dollar. The impression was old and perhaps cracked. and what looked like a skull, could be a bad impression of the traditional closed helmet.

         Bjørn Borchgrevink has unearthed the existence of a seal of Gerhard Borchgrevink from 1359 in a Dutch archive and has photocopy. The dog is clearly there, but standing upraised. The shield was diagonally divided, meaning it had two colours – for instance red and gold, silver and blue. Since Gerhard Borchgrevink was a clergyman, he had no warrior ornament like a helmet. Bjørn Borchgrevink has further got a photo of seals used in by imperial notary Jacobus Borchgrevink. His private seal from 1450 has the imprint of a dog and is divided vertically, again indicating a shield with two colours. A coat of arms used by Frederik Borchgrevink in 1750 shows again a dog and a vertical division. Here the helmet is on top. He was the grandson of Melchiors grandson.

         All this strongly indicates that the dog has followed the Borchgrevink family for at least 650 years and makes it reasonably clear that there is a connection between the mediaeval Dutch family of that name and our family.

         However, in this time and age, one can chose ones coat of arms, but I do believe that the Bjørn Borchgrevink’s research proves that the coat of arms had the traditional helmet on top of the shield, not the death head. Does this matter much today?



The generations


         The youngest generation number recorded is 16, counting from Bonaventura Borchgrevink. He is their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. However, they are related to him only by the thin line of the Borchgrevinks. Not making allowance for intermarriages, the number of ancestors that remote, should be about eight million. We have two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, 16 greatgreats etc.

         I am sure that there among this multitude of unknown ancestors, we could find some we would be proud to know or to be descended from. But we would also find some to whom we would rather not claim any family ties.

         And if we turn this speculation around. From Bonaventura on, there must be thousand upon thousand of unrecorded relations - some maybe a neighbour, some maybe of the mightiest in the land, some perhaps among the least regarded.


Music and musicians


Music played an important part in public life – both secular and spiritual – in the 15th and 16th century.  Kings, princes and dukes as well as archbishops, princely bishops and bishops marked their posit[i]ion in society with all the pomp and circumstances they could muster.

         Music played a prominent part. Kings and prelates competed to have the best music and musicians. We know that King Christian IV wrote to his brother-in-law, King James I of England and Scotland, entreating him to let him have some prominent English musicians. The luthier John Dowland, well known even today, served for eight years in the Court orchestra of Christian IV.

         In fact, the orchestra – in European terms – was widely known – even in Monteverdi's Venice – the font of much famous contemporary music.

         The musicians, what were their social position at his time?

         Very varied. In the formal rules of Court precedence, the Master of music ranked below the great officers of the court. His position was, it seems, somewhere between the court chaplain – provider of food for the soul – and the court chef – provider of food for the body. However, Melchior Borchgrevink's standing with the King was high. He received a medallion with the King's portrait – a great honour in those days, and he got the King to intercede for him in disputes (the King's intercession with the Count of Lippe on the occasion of the death of his mother, is an example. Se above).

         Probably, Melchior Borchgrevink had a close personal relationship with his music-loving King. In addition to the King's portrait – comparable to a high order, the King's gift to him of a canonry at Roskilde, proves this. (Such a short time after the Reformation, the kings had at their disposal the properties that had belonged to the Catholic church. The canonries with their tithe – paid in money and/or in kind – were given well-deserved officials, as an addition to their pay and for their well-earned retirement.

         Melchior Borchgrevink’s standing in the contemporary world of music was probably high, higher than we are aware of today.  He was among the foremost music managers/composer/orchestra leader of his time – and a courtier.


Oslo in the Summer of 1996

AB  (C11)


* * *



[1]  The noation system is explained at a later page. AB

[2]  Barnebarnet Cade Colvin to Lois Jean og Dean Bucher kan ha som foreldre de andre søsken i rekken. Marvin B. ga ingen opplysninger. AB 26.5.96

[3]  Logically Sharon Joan Borchgrevink should be daughter (B13) of Robert Ekrem Borchgrevink (C12 above) and younger sister of Robert William Borchgrevink (A13 above). and Nancy Glee Borchgrevink (C13) her sister again, but I’m not certain. Trying it out, though. AB.

[4]  Se Faste Borchgrevink A9, at 1872 chief engineer of Berg nickel works.

[5] Calumet would be a reasonable guess. Her younger brother Mads Lie went there, as did other Borchgrevink’s from North Norway.