Year         1943    29.April 1940 Ole Nikolajsen is born

Year         1944    4.March (Puk) Inger Marianne Borchgrevink Lund is born

Year         1944-1954 Puk and Ole grow and grow and eventually start going to school

Year         1955    Ole and his family (or the other way around) move to Turkey where they

     live in the city of Konya.


Konya and our house in 1956


























     Ole’s best friend Mustafa – Lizzie, Ib, Carl and Ole -The Silo in Konya Carl build.


Year         1956    Ole is sent to Denmark on the Boarding School Stenhus, this very

                important because Puk lived in the same town. Without this co-incidence

     the story would stop here!



















Year         1961    Puk and Ole meets at a School party held in Copenhagen and here my

     real story starts.

Year         1962    On July 6th Puk and Ole gets engaged at a very private ceremony in a

     small wood in Erritsö in Denmark. It was NOT VERY POPULAR with

     Puk’s parents!

Year         1963    Ole visits Puk in Copenhagen (instead of going to a Handball match

     Denmark-Sweden and this shows how much in love he was)

Year         1963    And Puk looked like this 9 months after.



Year 1963  In August Ole goes to the Danish Air Force to start his training as a jet

       pilot. Eventually he is selected to be navigator and the next six years are

                 dedicated to flying.

Year 1963  On October 28th Tine is born. Meanwhile we moved into a very small house

      on Amager in CopenHagen.















Chipmunk trainer in which Ole learned to fly













Year 1964  Ole goes to Canada on Navigator training and later the same year Puk

       and Tine joins him.














Puk and Tine in front of our VERY MODEST house in Winnipeg- Expeditor Trainers  very

  sickening airplanes in a real sense.


Year 1965 Back in Denmark and we move to Värlöse where Ole worked at the Air

     Base. Flying-Flying-Flying. Darcel Denkinger is born.












Meanwhile something happened on the way back to Denmark which took effect nine months after.


Year 1966  March 1st  Timm is born.























Big sister Tine was also happy with the new family member.


Year 1966-1971  We settled well at Klostergaardsvej in Värlöse and apart from Ole’s

               aircrash it was WORKING-WORKING. Puk got a job in the evening school

                          teaching sewing classes and had daycare for several children on top.

Year 1969            Ole gets a new job as Air Traffic Controller in Copenhagen




















Puk and children in front of our apartment block at Värlöse.
































In the summers we went to Furesöen (a lake) and enjoyed the swimming there. Tine taught Timm to swim, he on the other hand always found money in the sand for icecream for the family.
















Year 1968  We get our first car a used FIAT 500, it took some planning to get a family

      of 4 inside with luggage and everything!



















Year 1969   Suddenly Tine went to school and before we knew it she was on her first

        school outing. (actually what is most interesting about the picture is how

                   young the teacher looks like!)(Don’t say Tine I know!)

















Year 1970  A new phase starts when we buy a piece of land in Tune south of

      Copenhagen and start to build a house.

Year 1971  Finally we can move to the house after much trouble.
























































In those years the head was full of footballs and the garten of almost native Indians


















Beside our normal jobs we were busy, Ole with cooking for people and Puk was always sewing our and others clothes. Our garten normally provided us with a good harvest.

































We had some good years in Tune, but too much work.  Look at how modish Puk was

       and all was selfmade.














                It was the roaring seventies and we had many roaring parties.


Ole, Tine and Timm (and Puk reluctantly) wanted to try something else and then suddenly in the spring of 1980 the British company IAL offred Ole a job as an Air Traffic Controller in Malaysia.


The house was sold, the winecellar emptied in a big party and all the rest of our belongings crated in 3000 kg’s of freight.



Ole went first and 3 weeks later Puk, Tine and Timm were in Copenhagen airport ready for Malaysia.