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I was born on March 4th 1944 as the first born to the great joy of the families


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me                  my mother Grethe     my father Jan     sleeping out in the cold        happy days


My parents, however, were divorced when I was only 3 years old and my childhood was not always that enjoyable as I was shuffled around between my parents new families.

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growing   Hedvig my beloved grandmother    our car in the 50-ies                   family skiing                  a difficult teenager


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with Claus my half-brother     on my horse Pan a day                sixteen             in swimming mood          studying years

before I fell off and was

hospitalized for more than

half a year


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I fell in love with Ole when I was 16 years old, we married in 1963  and we have kept together since. I  had also started my education as a designer at the Copenhagen School of Design and Applied Arts. I graduated in 1964. At that time we had our first born Tine. Before I could start my professional life Tine and I joined Ole during his training in Canada in 1964.

When back from Canada I started my profession as an adult teacher, teaching design, tailoring and sewing. This I have since performed in many countries, always following Ole in his quest for new frontiers in aviation. Since then I have developed my interest in design of patchwork, silk painting and jewelry and this is my main interest today.





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