We started out very modestly in 1970 with our FIAT 600 travelling to Northern Germany. It rained all the time!


Ever since Ole lived in Turkey in the fifties he wanted to come back. So in 1975 we went there for the first time and liked travelling there so much that we went there every year until 1984.


During the next few years we travelled a lot in our little FIAT. Most of the time it rained. Finally by 1974 we had learned the lesson and went to Italy. Here the sun was shining all the time as can be seen on this picture from Capri.






So we ate fresh fruit in Bursa and travelled by bus all over.


The Turks are friendly and Tine and Timm enjoyed it.

On the right you can see Ole with his family at Kiz Kalesi in 1958.


In 1978 Ole went with his own family to Kiz Kalesi and we played in the blue bay. In 1980 we went to Northern Cyprus and caught big game!


It was not always that Puk loved the heat. But we all found it fun to drive in old taxies in Istanbul.


†††††††† ††††††††††

Timm liked to play pilot in old airplanes whereas Tine played Harem Lady in old dresses.







Like Pukís family in Sweden


or Oleís brother and family for Christmas on Bornholm in Denmark.



We like to travel in Italy. Guess where?




Not many people have been to this place, but most of us have! Lichtenstein!



It is jolly in Frankfurt, Germany and the beer flows freely.



We went to Luxembourg (many times) without a passport.


France is of particular interest whether it be St. Tropez or the family Chateau Broutieres near Langres.


Back to 1496 the ruins of La Fauche or today at the Loire.


Sunshine and swimming at the mediterranian Sea near Perpignan.


In Andorra we mostly walk in the mountains (it is all there is!)


Once we went to Corsika (Corse) it was an exciting place-wild.


Puk looked for her ancesters and found a whole village full of them!



We have also been around the world (twice)

and saw how life goes on in Thailand,


on Sumatra at Lake Toba in Indonesia,


watched the hectic life in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and ate a lot of their food.




We especially like Japan, its contrasts of life and food.







Australia is much different, but we liked it as well and had the chance to meet old friends and family.


We visited (among other things) goldmines and large plastic cows and as they say: Australia is the best place in the world, 10 billion flies canít be wrong.






Like in western towns or in the country side of Iowa.


Explore gorges or the Missisippi, the Rockies or the desert of New Mexico






While the old presidents watch you from Mt. Rushmore.


We have said ALOHA on Hawaii.



been close to the stars in Holywood and the surfers at Malibu Beach.



We have even been at the temple of American football, the Rose Bowl.


South of the border the Mexican way at Cancun, the steps in Mexico are mighty steep.


Travelling can be boring.



Nevertheless we still like it whether it be by car or airplane.